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White House omits Tibet from earthquake condolence list

Tibet earthquake kills 25, injures 117

Beijing: The death toll in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region due to Saturday’s earthquake and its aftershocks, climbed to 25 today, even as rescuers continued to reach out to the affected people in the remotest of areas. पढ्नेक्रम जारी राख्नुहोस्

Nepal’s Landmarks, Before and After the Earthquake

The earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday flattened many of the country’s historic architectural sites. Four of the area’s seven Unesco World Heritage sites were severely damaged, as were many temples and palaces made of wood and unmortared brick

Dharahara Tower, Katmandu

A nine-story structure built in 1832 on orders from the queen. It was made of bricks
more than a foot thick, and had recently been reopened to the public. Sightseers could
climb a narrow spiral staircase to a viewing platform about 200 feet above the city.


April 25, 2015


July 15, 2013

पढ्नेक्रम जारी राख्नुहोस्

Nepal Earthquake LIVE updates: Toll touches 1000 in Nepal, 34 in India


A powerful earthquake struck Nepal and sent tremors through northern India on Saturday, killing hundreds of people, toppling a 19th-century tower in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and triggering a fatal avalanche on Mount Everest पढ्नेक्रम जारी राख्नुहोस्

Nepal Earthquake photo


nepal-quake-broken-road_650x400_41429949851 पढ्नेक्रम जारी राख्नुहोस्

Bhojpuri Songs

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